Northmed Technology and Biomedical Services (Northmed) has been in the medical distribution sector for almost 8 years. Started out as a pharmaceutical trading and drugstore business back in 2009, the business transitioned itself as Northmed Technology and Biomedical Services.  Since then the business has established itself as a reliable partner and supplier of medical devices and armamentarium systems and a trusted distributor and after sales service provider for medical gas concentrator plants, medical gas piping systems, medical vacuum plant and medical waste autoclave.


We have a pool of professionals with an elevated degree of professionalism and technical specialties that ensure delivery of cutting edge solutions adhering to DOH, FDA, NFPA, ISO and HTM standards in:


  • Sales/Design/Installation/Maintenance of medical oxygen concentrator plant, air compressors, dryers, anaesthetic gas scavenging, vacuum and gas piping for medical, pure and technical gases

  • Sales/Design/Installation/Maintenance of medical waste autoclave systems

  • Sales/Design/Installation/Maintenance of medical devices

  • Sales/Distribution of medical consumables and disposables

  • Design/Layout/Construction/Maintenance of medical facility, buildings, housing and/or related structures


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​UG-10 Tower B, Palm Towers 7706 St. Paul Road 

San Antonio, Makati City 

Philippines 1203


UG-10 Tower B, Palm Towers, 7706 St. Paul Rd., San Antonio, Makati City, Philippines 1203 | (02) 877-8230 | (0915) 893-3345

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