Medical Gas System

Medical gas supply systems are essential for the proper delivery of needed gas for various medical, laboratory, veterinary, dental practices and patient use. Equipment may function as one or as a series of interconnected equipment to concentrate, produce, generate or deliver medical oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, instrument/surgical air, carbon dioxide, medical vacuum, and WAGD/AGSS.

Medical Gas System Products

Oxygen Concentrator Plant
Medical Air Plant
Medical Vacuum Plant
Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System
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OGP PSA on-site oxygen generator

Why buy oxygen when you can generate your own? Our OGP PSA on-site oxygen generators deliver a high capacity flow at the purity you need. Suitable for a wide range of applications. With Pressure Swing Absorption technology (PSA)

*Optimal savings

Our systems come with minimal operating and maintenance expenses. Generating your own oxygen means you avoid processing, refills and delivery costs

*On-site versus delivery

Your OGP system is continuously available on-site. Never again experience supply shortages on your medical facility

*High purity

The OGP offers from 90% to 95% oxygen purity to meet your quality requirements


The OGP comes ready-to-use. A supply of dry compressed air must be connected

Ultra-clean medical breathing and surgical 

Patient care requires ultra-clean, purified medical air delivered to operating theatres and hospital beds with absolute reliability. The medical air supply in a hospital is a vital life-supporting service, maintaining respiration of the critically ill during mechanical ventilation. Our medical air system compressors and dryers specifically designed for medical application. They guarantee an uninterrupted air supply in every situation.

*100% oil-free, 100% safe

For your patients you simply cannot afford to compromise. Our oil-free medical air compressors are ISO 8573-1 Class 0

*Unsurpassed purity

Work with certified medical air in all conditions, even when the air intake may contain high concentrations of ambient pollution

*Medically pre-certified systems

We pre-certify our medical systems to simplify your certification processes upon installation

Read more on our medical device certification

Energy-efficient medical vacuum solutions

We build our medical vacuum systems with a multi-pump arrangement, so you can create the flow you need and reduce energy consumption. This also decreases your total installed power. Our advanced central controller optimizes your energy savings even more: it controls the individual vacuum pumps and regulates the overall vacuum too

*Vacuum on standby

When it comes to patient safety, you can rely on our fully redundant vacuum plants, suitable for both continuous and frequent start-stop operation

*Small footprint

Space in a hospital is at a premium. Our vacuum systems are both compact and contain all the necessary components

*Medically pre-certified systems

We pre-certify our medical systems to simplify your certification processes upon installation

Read more on our medical device certification

AGS - Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System

*Increased Safety

The Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System removes anesthetic gas mixtures in areas fitted with nitrous oxide terminal units like operating rooms. By virtue of its design, the active disposal system can produce high capture levels simply by connecting the terminal unit to the anesthetic breathing circuit via a receiver unit. This removal at the source eliminates the possible long term health hazards for the exposed medical staff

*Easy to operate

The AGS system is activated by remote switches that can be installed at any convenient location either in or close by the operating and anesthetic room. Its robust skid mounted frame reduce footprint, saving you valuable space


Your working environment for medical staff will comply with the most stringent occupational exposure standards

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